Anyone got display problems with 6 Beta?

Flavio is working on both problems:
He says the problem returning to earlier builds is two things:
- the config file should not be loaded if going back to an earlier build. So, just say No and you should be ok there.
- The second problem is a bug where the skin.xml contains more information than the earlier build. That should be fixed in the next build.
Flavio comes through again :agree:
That leaves the EQ/Compressor box problem. I notice when the EQ box redraws it creates an image of the end of the Playback meter which is located at the bottom of my display. Any of you computer experts have an idea of the cause?

It has to do with Docking for sure. I checked “allow docking”, opened and closed the EQ. Unchecked Allow Docking - opened and closed. Now the box works correctly. Ihave not rebooted, but opeing and closing the program did not change the situation.
Anyones else find the same thing?

same here

Are you all running at least 1024 x 768 resolution?

1280 by 768 here

I’m running higher than that on both moniters. I don’t think the min resolution is a factor on this one. I’ve now rebooted the computer and opened and closed the program several times, and the Eq window now works correctly. I think changing the “allow dock” back and forth corrected the problem. The fix to the code may be a bear to find. but my bet is Flavio can find it.
For anyone who is not familiar with the allow dock command - a right click on the title bar at the top of the box opens the selection menu for “Allow docking this window.”

1680 x 1050 here, but it’s a bug in nTrack. Un-docking fixes the issue here.

Another issue is I can’t re-install 6.0.3 anymore, I thought that got fixed? It works on the 64 bit app, but not the 32 bit app.

Flavio is working on the “go back to earlier version” problem. It’s a bug in reading the skin file. That will be fixed shortly.
Another reason would be if a user tries to load the existing config file of a newer build’s config file when loading an earlier build - you have to select “No” when ask if you want the existing file when going to an earlier version.

The problem should be resolved in build 2471, I see it’s available for download.