anyone here play a little funk flute?

I need a funky flute part with lots of overblown trills and such to finish this bit - no vox yet:…130-bpm

One of the fine 50/90ers, cts, is working on vox.

I can fake a similar sound in approximate 3 weeks would lov to help ya slugger

What about Mrs TomS?

Woah thats sounding coooollll…

I love funk and flute.
Have a listen to this badboy for inspiration!

I love this groove, Tom. I keep gettin’ fleeting earworms of backing vocs - along the lines of The Tom Tom Club or The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band.

I enjoyed that, too, Craig - proper funky.

Well, sign up for the 50/90 thing and collab on it, already! :)

I need a clone, or three;-)

Clones all think alike.…-record

Old acquaintances.