Anyone know a good direct x vocoder?

hey there, ive done some vocals that arent perfectly in tune, but as i got a really good sound i dont want to have to perform them again. anyone know a vocoder that will help me get them in tune?

i believe you are refering to an “Auto-tune” plugin. Search for “Autotune” or “Gsnap” in the forum.

Do you mean autotune plugin? If so, try Gsnap. It’s free and works.

Now there is an example of perfect sync Marce. Same “data” posted at exactly the same time!

Yeah, as other have said, I think you’re getting your terms mixed up. you are wanting an autotune effect. gsnap is supposed to be a good free proggie, but I’ve never used it myself. I have audition, which has one built in. Antares Auto Tune is the industry standard, but is expensive. There used to be a plugin by Oberheim called OB Tune that used the Antares technology (under licence), but I can’t seem to find it anymore, so it might be gone now.

A vocoder is something different. It is the effect that, in the broadest sence, takes a signal like a voice, and puts it over a signal like an instrument (often a guitar or a synth sound), and makes it sound as if the instrument is talking. A talkbox for a guitar is (correct me if I’m wrong) a type of vocoder. Another type is the effect where it sounds as if a computer is singing (created by combining a synthesizer with vocals). If you have ever heard “Around the World” by Daft Punk, you’ve heard a vocoder (incidentally, if you’ve heard “One More Time” by Daft Punk, you’ve heard an autotune, set to create the “cher effect” by tuning strictly to the note and allowing no sliding between notes).


So does anyone know of a good free or inexpensive vocoder? I used to have one that wasn’t a VSTi - it was a command line utility - that worked well but I can’t find it anymore. Being command line it took a lot of trial and error to get the settings just right. The VSTis that I’ve found don’t perform all that well for voice modulation; they are more for modulating say a drum line to some carrier (like a synth).

EDIT: (I’m itchin’ to do a Frampton one of these days :cool: )

I’ve tried free, inexpensive, and expensive vocoders, and I’ve yet to see one do what you would expect it to do. I’m sorry to say.

Here’s how I’d like a vocoder effect to work:

It would be a traditional VST audio effect (not a VSTi) for the channel you are wanting to effect (the source, not the carrier signal). Opening “VOCODER” (or whatever) would also create a VST Instrument (VSTi) called “VOCODER CARRY” (or whatever) which would send carrier information to the audio channel which has loaded Vocoder as an effect. Vocoder Carry would have a built-in synth that you could alter.

Also, (and this is ideally, so we’re getting into wishing land here) Vocoder Carry would have built-in VSTi hosting (like some VST effects that have this capability). That way, if you didn’t like the built-in synth, you could load a VSTi (like elogoxa JG-3) into Vocoder Carry, and have it run the midi information through JG-3. However, it serves as a wrapper VSTi, and sends the audio signal from JG-3 to the audio channel with Vocoder on it.

Of course, this would be extremely burdensome on bandwidth, and wouldn’t be ideal for all situations. It wouldn’t work as a talkbox, for example. Although, a similar patching effect could be designed for audio carrier signals. It would require two VST .dll files (one being “Vocoder Carry” and one being “Vocoder source”). But it might work, nonetheless.

What I want is Reason, I guess. I want reason’s patching capabilites in an midi/audio platform. Wouldn’t that be nice? :;):