Anyone translate this Finnish for me?

pretty please? :slight_smile:

On kaikki kohdallaan
ja ruokaa riittää
mut jossain nälkä tuhoo niittää
rikkaan sydän on tunnoton
jos se tietäis mitä tehnyt on
Sillä jos ensimmäinen kaiken ottaa
Viimeiselle selkää kääntää
Kaikki omaisuutesi on
jonkun toisen omaisuudesta pois.


Great song, I gather it’s a big hit, but I don’t know Finnish… :D

Okay, here we go…

Everything is all right
if you have enough to eat
But in some places the hunger’s killing
Ruthlessnes in rich man’s heart
if he knew what he has done
You see, if the first in line takes it all
he turns his back to the last in line
Everything you own
is taken from somebody else

(The last line isn’t literal - more like an idea that there’s a limited amount of property and if you take more than your share, there’s less left for the rest of us.)

Something like that. Much easier to translate from English to Finnish than vice versa. ???

Mwah, you rock.

That song being a hit here this summer proved to be worrisome to some: the biggest newspaper in country had a full page feature on the financial pages, where a few economists tried desperately to assure the public thatthe song got it wrong and the possibilities of wealth have no limit whatsoever…

They seem to have limits for me. :)

Anyway, Mwah, I pm’ed you about something.

I’m sorry Mwah but your translation is way off base.

According to a Finnish/English translation program I found online the real translation is:

Is everybody home
and grub serve mut
somewhere starvation annihilation
mow mote kernel is unscrupulous
if it signifying what tehnyt is
Because if chief kaiken takeaway
Last ridge tuck
Everybody omaisuutesi is
whose secondly omaisuudesta away.

Which is not only far more poetical, but it makes far more sense too.

Well, after another few pitchers of Bud I’m sure it will. :D

Thanks, Gizmo!
I stand corrected. :O

Geez, Mwah, how’d you get it so wrong? :D

I can always count on you guys for a good laugh to start my day! :laugh:

God bless the trackers.

I hear the Finnish like to dance to this type of ditty.

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

No wonder we have so many problems in the world… :)