Anyone using FreeAmp2?

Anyone using this guitar amp/ effect simulator?

It’s pretty good.

I’ve got Amplitude1 (a perk from buying Sampletank) but I’ve been messing around with Freeamp2 and find it’s easy to get a decent sound from it. I certainly like the interface.


I think it’s a useful tool, and you certainly can’t argue at the price :D

I haven’t used it in a project yet, I’m still investigating it’s possibilities.


I find myself using it more and more. You can get some great sounds out of it and it has a lot of great presets too. It’s very cool to be able to record a dry signal and then shape the sound afterward. The only downside I can see to it is that it’s a bit CPU hungry, and although it’s infrequent it does sometimes crash N on me.

For example 58 Seconds was all done with guitar direct in to the soundcard and Freeamp2 on top of it. To me the amp & cabinet modeling and effects sound pretty darn real.

I’ve got the same problems w/ CPU usuage but freeamp3 is supposed to cut CPU usuage by a third (due out in August).

I like the flexibility, (specifically the reverb and delay seem good) – but all the settings below “drive” are practically useless unless your in a “screamo” band…IMO

BTW, HotDogWater… are those your vocals on 58 seconds? How about 4th Cup…?

Yep, for better or worse it’s all me on all the songs I have posted there.

The thing I like about all the Freeamp2 presets, even though there are some I never use is that it gives you a good idea how all the many settings were set to get that sound. Very useful for comparison and creating your own sounds.

Didn’t know Freeamp3 is coming. That will be GREAT if they can cut down the CPU use.

I used Freeamp2 to fiddle with a bass track last night. I was able to do some interesting things with it. It definitely has some possibilities. But then, I have a Digitech BP-8 which I already know how to use, so I’ve really got no business using it to modify bass guitar sound. But it is fascinating, and versatile. I also used it to warm up an acoustic rhythm track the other night, and it gave me a very listenable sound. Just a hint of chorus, and a clean tone run through 4X10 cab with an open back, I think. Fun stuff.