anyone using new E-mu-1212m-emulatorX soundcards

can,t get vst plug-in to work.

I am wondering if anyone out there is using the same soundcard and help with this problem.

I get the vst window to open in n-track and i load the midi from the vst end but i get no sound of anykind.N-track seem to provide sound ok as i load song i am working on and i get sound

You’re getting static and distorted sounds and a really low level, right? No fix yet. Emu knows about it and they claim they are working on getting n-track compatibility. Check out this thread and maybe add your own report? Also, be sure to e-mail Emu. The more of us that make a stink, the higher we can get n-track in the list of things to test. Maybe contact Flavio too in case there could be a fix in n-track. I e-mailed him about the issue and never heard back.


I talk to the tecs over at e-mu and i email Flavio also with the problem.I hope they will have it fixed in a little while.I think for now i am starting to read the manual for the cubasis vst4 as i know the vst plug-ins work in there.I don,t know how well,but i am about to find out.I thought that when i traded in my old sound card i was leaving all these problem behind.I bought the new sound card because i couldn,t record midi without a lot of problems.Well here i am again in the same boat just a different deck now same problem not being able to record well hope they fix problem.I will keep my eye posted Bubbagump for a posting by you, if you get the problem fixed in n-track email me or post the fix for me and i will do the same.Thanks bubbagump.


P.S Thanks for the thread to that emulator form sight.

Er, musicman…dude, if I were you, I’d edit that email addy out of the post and PM Bubba with it. You might end up being buried in SPAM if you leave it out here for the whole world to see. :)


I want to use N track and emulator X too, so I will e mail Emu so they will try to get it fixed quickly. I talked to support about Orion as well since that is incompatible too.