Ape fossil bridges evolutionary gap

Pierolapithecus catalaunicus

Find in Spain sets paleontologists abuzz

A lot of very interesting stuff about hominid evolution has been coming out of Spain in the last few years. Fascinating. :)

So where does the newly discovered hominid fit in the human family tree? (see below).

Or this one?

For more details see:

More evolution.

Ali. :D

Thats a lot of speculation from the bones found…once again science is drawing big conclusions based on small evidences…kind of like "exit polls"

is this all they found ??

Pretty thin to make this the “missing link”

Oh, Brian, don’t be an ostrich. :)

Tom, I’m not even anti evolution, but some of the “conclusions” by scientists, especially the Leakeys in the late 60’s and 70’s are disputed to this day.
Big gaps my friend, with few connections a tree doesn’t make!

Plus the sand hurts my eyes:D

True, big jumps, but that is about as full a skeleton as you get.

Brian, having read the article, the scientist in question did not use the term “missing link”, in fact, he was uncomfortable when the reporters tried to get him to use it.

And I’m glad that you put “conclusions” in quotes. Any scientist who comes to a “conclusion” is not worthy of the name.

At best, an hypothesis, theory or law (note; no capitals).

The only two laws which are Laws, are Sod’s Law (known as Murphy’s Law in the USA),

and Iain’s Law, (named after my son). One day after searching for something, I muttered; "Why is it always in the last place you look?"

The then 6 year-old prodigy replied; “Because when you find it, you stop looking for it”.

Not the first time, nor last time, I regretted not drowning him at birth. :D


This discussion looks interesting, but since is a little hard to me translate it, i will only say this:
I really prefer Flac than Ape.

Tom, I'm not even anti evolution, but some of the "conclusions" by scientists, especially the Leakeys in the late 60's and 70's are disputed to this day.

The article says it's not the missing link.

Who questions the Leakey's work - non-evolutionists probably do?

Mike, you know how quickly theories in this area change - The Leakey’s made some claims back then that turned out to be too simple. But you and I know that’s the nature of science. :)