Asio and mono tracks

Hi, I have an Audigy LS soundcard. This allowed me to record only in 48 khz (stereo, mono… I could choose bit depth etc).
I downloaded some asio drivers that allow me to record at 44.1 khz but (AAARGH) there is only stereo option (no more mono, no more bit depth choose) in the recording settings window.
Is there a possibility to record mono with asio drivers?

In the recording VU meter, there is an icon to choose what inputs you record from and if they go to mono or stereo tracks.

You’re talking about the “settings” button, the one with the hammer drawing. Ok, with the previous drivers I could choose stereo, mono or stereo in two mono tracks, now there is only stereo and stereo in two mono tracks. The option “mono” is no more available!

ASIO drivers always operate in stereo. You need to set n-Track to record Stereo to Two mono tracks and disable the one channel you don’t want.


Ok, but even if I disable left or right channel, it will record a double track anyway . I always have to delete the channel I don’t want after recording. Is it so or there is a possibility to just record one mono (left or right) track?

I’m using ASIO4ALL on my laptop with n-Track Build 2053… Pull up the REC Vu meter, click the RED LED and select Left Channel > Don’t record this channel. Only the Right channel input is recorded and I only get one track displayed. (If it was an empty project before…)


YEEEEAH, great!
Thank you very much.

No prob. Glad you got it sorted out!