Asio device issue

Using windows 10, just updated n-track and it will not work with my audio device (presonus studio 24c) asio driver at all. it sees it but when you select it there’s an error message stating it cannot open the selected audio device.
the device will work with the wasapi protocol you guys have in the program but i’ve found much better performance using my devices asio driver instead.
please assist.

I tried using asio4all and it works fine. still cant get the native asio driver to work tho.

Hello Daniel,

up to what n-Track build number the audio drivers worked?
Have you tried to install install the latest version of the audio drivers? I can see the latest version was released in late January 2022.

Should you already installed the latest version or the problem persists even after the update, could you please send a screenshot of the Settings->Audio device window to so that we can better investigate the issue?