asio direct monitor w/ EMU 0404

I just installed an EMU 0404 and while reading through the documentation I see reference to a feature called ASIO Direct Monitor. Does nTrack 4.x support this? If so how? If not, how do you go about monitoring with as little latency as possible? Thanks in advance for any help.

I have the 0404 but I don’t use this feature (yet). I tend to monitor with an external mini mixer.

This feature would be quite limiting on the 0404 'cos there is only one left and right analogue output on the card. So, these would be directed to the Monitor speakers, leaving you no other outputs for, say, adding external effects or whatever on the analogue line.

I upgraded to the 24-bit version of N so that I can use the ASIO drivers. They didn’t work on the 16-bit version, forcing to use WMD. They’re probbably about the same as far as latency goes, but I guess I like ASIO better. I’m having to do a little work to each of my incomplete projects to adjust for the better latency since the card upgrade (my waves were a little out with my midi tracks due to the limitations of the old card)

Best of luck

I am actually doing the same thing (monitoring via an external mixer). This seems to be working out fine. I noticed the same thing with older projects and the latency. I usually have a midi drum track and with my old card (a SBLIve) the timing was a little off. With the 0404 I don’t seem to have this problem at all. Very cool!