ASIO driver problem

No 24 bit

I’m having a problem with my drivers right now. perhaps someone could help?

I select “SB Audigy 2 ZS ASIO 24/96 [DC00]” It says "Error opening ASIO driver."

If I select the other ASIO, I cannot record in 24 bit. I can use the MME (which doesn’t let me use the “Live” feature) or I can use WDM (which lets me do the live feature, but I can’t hear it) and it is ok to select 24 bit. Any ideas??


I really do need help on this. I would like to use ntrack more fully for midi writing, etc., but I need this problem solved first. thanks.


A bump for fish… I don’t have an SB card but this sounds like a funky Creative Labs driver issue. As a test, do you have any other software to test that ASIO driver with besides n-Track? I suppose it could be an n-Track issue as I recall from toying around with Sonar 3 some months ago that it would work fine with MOTU’s ASIO driver but Sonar would reset itself to 16 bit when trying to use Multi-channel WDM. Either would work fine in n-Track at 24 bits. So the hosts “connection” to the driver has to come into play here somewhere…


I have not tryed them, but there exist a “ASIO4All” proggie that overlays your WDM drivers…Maybe you can try them.

Audition works fine in 24 bit, but I do not know which driver it uses. It doesn’t have all the different drivers listed in the device order menu, just one. Any ideas?


There are drivers for using Creative cards in ASIO mode; I think they’re called “KX” drivers. If you repost with a topic like “Audigy ASIO drivers?” I’m sure someone will jump right in with the details.

ASIO4All is great; I use it all the time with the built-in soundcard on my laptop (for using softsynths live). But I doubt it’s the best solution for Creative cards.

BTW, make sure you record using 48kHz rate when using Creative cards like SoundBlaster Live. I don’t know whether the Audigy has the same problem.

Actually, it seems (at least with my new audigy 2. I don’t think my old one had this problem) that I CANNOT record in 41khz even if I wanted to. It makes me record in 48. But thanks for reminding me. I posted about the kx drivers earlier. I’ll bump it back up.