asio drivers for sb live

anyone have any experience with em?

kx asio driver for sb live,i was going to download em an see what hapens? good idea or not?

use the search function of the forum, you will found lot of experiences with it. Most of them positive.

It is a good idea.

Very good drivers.

Steep(ish) learning curve on getting your head around the controls.

Look out for the default setting of swopping the front and back outputs (don’t know if its been changed in later versions).

Also look up and try Asio4all.
It’s waaaay easy to install/uninstall and is worth a try.

Thumbs up for either choice from my side.


good to hear men,thank you,heres the scoop…
i have an old sb live card,an they as ya might know didnt come with asio drivers,all was cool,but i recently got FL Studio,and in the settings section it says bout using direct sound or asio,so this led me to finding asio’s for sb live,so last night i searched and found the asio’s plus{i think} i got updated drivers for others,if i have any questions ill be askin,this is new to me…thanks again wil and marce…:laugh:

i installed the asio 4 all,opend up n track and choose the asio drivers in prefrences,opend up a sng flie,and it played for maybe 10 seconds and stoped when i gotta message saying that my version of n dosent support 24 bit,gone into vu an recordsettings,and when the asio’s are selected,i cant choose from 16 bit or 24,its shaded,but if i would change my sampling rate to 44000,then i can choose tween 16 or 24,another thing is i went back to the old wdm drivers or any of the others and the sound comes out all garbled,distorted,sound famiiar?

Not at all …

Have you twiddled in the Asio control settings ?

There might be something to shed light on the 16/24 situation.

Asio4All should not change anything in your regular drivers (it interacts with the lower layers of the WDM drivers, it doesn’t ‘integrate’ with them).

It installs / uninstalls without any changing of the current drivers.

Keep us posted.


ok,thanks first of all for takin time wihan,
i uninstalled the asio 4 all, went to n track and,choose wdm sb live for playback and record,im pretty sure thats what i had b4,when i played a sng file it still came out all garbled/distorted,i then set my buffering from high(default) to medium an that seemed to take care of the garble…not sure if my sound quality is the same as it was b4 my adventure,but anyways seems like im back to where i started,im not going to give up,any suggestions where to head at this point?

i went into the asio settings to see if i there was sumthing to able me to make a choice tween 16 or 24,its all greek to me man,lol,but i didnt find anything,i was thinkn of installin it again an seein wherte it goes,if it does,

Try asio2ks, download on, it’s free. It worked for me on my sb live mp3+ soundcard, in case you don’t like it you easily uninstall it with no changes.

Quote (jazo @ Aug. 17 2006,23:54)
Try asio2ks, download on, it's free. It worked for me on my sb live mp3+ soundcard, in case you don't like it you easily uninstall it with no changes.

Hey, i dont knowed this one! A good option to Asio4all. Reading in the page i see that it still is a little beta, just be aware.

Marce, the latest “news” for ASIO2ks seems to be dated 2003… so maybe the project has died?

Wozz, why not just use the WDM drivers. What are you hoping to acheive by using ASIO?

sorry, i dont see that!