ASIO Drivers - midi and VSTi issues

Can’t get both working at the same time

I have an EMU 0404 card and have recently upgraded to n-Track v4.1.

My card has EMU ASIO drivers which up until the upgrade worked fine. The card doesn’t have its own soundfonts so I have been using the Windows in-built soundfont with quite a bit of help from my VSTi plug-ins. It has never been a problem driving midi through both Windows and VSTi soundfonts at the same time, i.e. Track 1 outputs to Windows soundfont, while Track 2 outputs to SampleTankFree and I can play both at the same time (although I have always had to do this in Live mode)

After the upgrade, using the EMU ASIO drivers I can only playback the Windows Soundfont, and cannot hear the VSTi fonts, although the meters are bobbing up and down suggesting that there is sound being output to somewhere.

This led me to do some checking and I notice I have a DirectX ASIO driver, so I select this in n-Track set-up and now I can hear only the VSTi, but not the Windows soundfonts.

I have the 24-bit licence, still working in Live mode. Can’t think of anything I have missed out.

Anyone got any ideas?

Well, through Christmas, I managed to get both VSti and Windows midi soundfonts working together. Don’t ask me how though ???

The issue that I now have is that my Windows midi is out of synch with my VSTi midi. I guess this is due to the delay processing the sound through the VSTi plugin. Could someone guide me to the most appropriate controls in the set-up area to resolve this please

Happy New Year