Asio error messages

Could someone please help me figure out why I get frequent asio buffer and asio error messages. I went with a line 6 USB device and am having the same problem I had acouple of yrs ago with a m- audio USB.
I bought a new sound card then and used the WDM setting and had no problem.I am running a 4.04 ver.Now I have a laptop which has nothing on it.
I have been all over the settings on N and my laptop. tried different buffer settings, MME setting,WDM, etc. Earlier today I had it working and had 6 tracks saved and was closing out of n and I bluescreened it and when i rebooted was unable to listen to the tracks and started all over with the error messages.

I know alot of people are using USB devices and wondered if N and USB devices have more problems than a sound card connection.

What OS are you using?

Sounds like a drivers problem to me, but I’ve been wrong too many times to remember. Are you using the drivers from the CD that came with your soundcard?
If so, go to the manufacturer’s website & look around for the latest drivers.

That said, there have been several n-Track releases that most folks have regarded as flaky at best.
Search the forum for ‘good’ releases :)

I am running XP and have the latest drivers and I checked the device manager and it says the device is working correctly and enabled
It probably is a driver problem but the same error messages with two different computers and USB devices.The only common denomonator is me and N track.

Hmmm… so how about your n-Track version?

I’ve done lots of stupid things to my setup but I never got a bluescreen from XP.

if N crash’s for any reason without causing a bluescreen, (ie N stops when you do something like trying to change buffer settings or ASIO sample size or changing from ASIO to WDM while N is playing back) or anything else that stops N, then thats it as far as the ASIO drivers are concerned - if you restart N again you will get errors - once they are broken the ASIO drivers drivers can only be repaired (reset) by shutting down and re-booting -

when you save a song in N, N will store the type of soundcard you used to record that song with, if you try to open a song that was recorded using the line 6 and try tp work on that song without the line 6 plugged in (using default audio or another soundcard) then you will get errors or a crash depending which build you are using -

you must plug in any USB audio device before opening N or it wont see it, to be sure you should plug in any USB audio device before you start Windows -

Dr J

I am running 4.04 build 1811.(pre .net framework and tried about 3 other builds shy of V5. Even tries a demo of 3.3. With my desktop I figured some program somewhere was affecting it but this lap top is a Virgin. Intel core duoprocessing, 1 G DDR, 160G 5400 rpm HD and free upgrade to vista if I want it. I get this feeling that there is a user problem (me) that I am not seeing.Thanks for any help. I have two different Line 6 devices A pod xt and a lineport ux2 and both screw it up.

A bluescreen is a kernel crash, and that means is a driver problem. It may not even be an audio problem. Video drivers and bring it down too. Everything has to work together. The weakest link and make other stuff look guilty. It’s not any easy problem.

Line 6 devices - “A pod xt and a toneport ux2” -

when you close N it remembers all settings including USB devices used in that session - so if you used your Pod XT in last session, then try to open N with the Toneport UX2 pluged in then that will generate an error if there are any difference between the settings on either device -

also (as far as i know) N cannot handle two ASIO control panels at the same time, so you cannot have the two devices using ASIO drivers pluged in at the same time - you might get away with it using WDM drivers -

Dr J

Thanks for the advice. I have not even been able to arm the track with out a asio error. Should I close out of N track and then gearbox or visa versa ? I know yanking the USB out first is bad. By the way just for kicks I DL Reaper which is still shareware for a full version.Even though it is probably equal to N in its infancy I am able to run 24 bit and the asio drivers no problem. I laid down about 20 tracks and still could not get a error. Switched between the pod and toneport easily.

N track has a very intuitive design for me and I hope I do not have to learn a new system because of some glitch I have backed myself into. Any ideas on cleaning things up? I have re- Downloaded the drivers a couple of times. What about V 5. Should I try the demo?