ASIO: FocusRite USB Audio and Zoom calls?

Hi All!

I use the following:

  1. FocusRite Scarlett 4x4 using ASIO drivers for Recording and Playback
  2. N-track Studio 9.1.7 Build 6337 (10/10/2022)
  3. Windows 10 Pro

I can record and playback fine within n-track

Here is the issue on a Zoom call when using the Share Screen and Audio capabilities of Zoom:

  1. Speaking thru my mic into the Scarlett: the recipient hears me fine
  2. Playing an MP3 or WAV file using a player like Groove music etc: the recipient hears the music fine.
  3. Clicking Play from within n-track and trying to share from within n-track: the Zoom recipient hears nothing… no audio goes across the Zoom call from n-track.

I have tried various approaches such as changing to WDM drivers or WRT drivers within n-track… no luck. Some of this is because I am recording at 24-bit, and that causes a problem for the WDM drivers. And you can’t use an ASIO Output with any other output driver.

Is there a solution where I can click Play in n-track and share my songs (for collaboration) with people on a Zoom call?



you have to use something like reastream or obs studio. zoom isnt all the way compatible with asio yet. i had the same issue a few months back but luckily ive got a pretty big network of people familiar with this kind of stuff so i was able to get pointed in the right direction pretty quickly. let me know if you need help with that and we can convo privately


if you use Asio drivers those go directly to the device and can’t typically be intercepted by Zoom. Your best best is to use a Wasapi output audio device, if that doesn’t work you can try MME.