ASIO with SBLive

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3539 is actually the newest version out, although I use 3534f, an older version, because it works the best for me.

Stick with 3537 if you don’t have any reason to change. There were some people, myself included, that had problems with pops and clicks on playback with 3537. If that isn’t a problem for you-don’t change versions at the moment.


Who is Lex Nahumery? And where would I find his plugin(s)?

Someone much smarter than me. He is a kX user and sometimes programmer.
ProFx for versions 3534f, 3537 and 3538 are here:

Read through the whole page to learn about the effects. His link says

The zip file is actually called “”, but my guess is that he made this download compatible with 3534f through 3537.

Unzip the file to:
C:\Program Files\kX Project\3537

Right click the kX manager and choose "kX DSP"

Right click on the kX DSP screen and choose “Clear DSP” (everything goes away)

----You always have the option of right clicking kX DSP and choosing “Reinitialize DSP” to get back the default mixers.-----

Right click the blank DSP screen and choose "Register Plugin (Dane,RIFX,KXL)…"

Browse to the folder where you put “ProFx308_34f.kxl”.

You should get a message about how well everything is going.

Now you need to insert the plugins one by one, you will need;

3 instances of ProFxSrc
(1. choose FXBus 0/1 for one of them for audio playback)
(2. choose FXBus 2/3 for one of them for MIDI playback)
(3. choose mic2/line2 for your LiveDrive input)

1 instance of ProFxADC
(for your Mic or Line input)

1 instance of ProFxMx6
(a mixer to mix all these different streams and send them to the right outputs)
1 instance of Epilog
(for your physical outputs and MME & ASIO outputs. NOTE: You can replace the Epilog with ProFxK1LT & ProFxASIO)

Things should end up similar to this:

That’s enough for one night.