Assign channels to tracks

I have already met this problem, more times. (N-track version 7)
I want to record one mono track but the system automatically opens more track, and starts to record them all without any content.
If I choose in the settings - audio devices-Advanced window, there I can tell to the program, that I need only one channel to be used from my ASIO interface.
But if I choose this,
the system does not allow me to choose the channel
I want to use!
Only the first and second channel is selectable!
(Unfortunately I wanted to record my guitar play from the channel 8)
How can I definitely tell to
N-Track studio ver.7 how many tracks I want to use, and which channel should be assigned to that single
Petik András

Try opening/adding audio track form the Tracks menu. Arm the tracks and set the channel you want.
In advantage of this is you can see the tracks before you start recording.
I’ve never really liked this approach to selecting channels, but people wanted to be able to run takes on the same track they already had set up.

Hi Bax3. I recorded and mixed two complete CDs using nTrack a few years back. Now back at it with the latest version of nTrack. Right now I have 3 mics plugged into channels 1-3 on my Behringer UMC404HD. I added three new tracks in nTrack, but see no way to tie them to the three USB input channels.

Can you please describe the steps in the statement above?
Also, If you “don’t really like this approach” can you please describe your preferred approach?

Thank you, Sir!!


First in the n-Track has a very good instruction manual that will walk you through using the new sets available with the new n-Track. There are also videos to illustrate how to use the program.

There are many more options available than in the older versions of the software. There have been a lot of changes that make n-Track more versatile - however, that comes with options that were not available, but make n-Track a bit more complete to us than the simpler, but limited software it once was.
I’ll attempt to answer you question here, but you’ll want to read or watch some of the instructions to reall use the powerful options you have with n-Track.

Let’s create some vocabulary here. Your computer has 3 input channels with which sound information can be sent to as many individual tracks as you wish to create. N-Track is a multi track recording program. With 3 input channels you may record up to 3 tracks simultaneously. After recording 3 tracks, you may record up tom3 more track by assigning each new track one of the three input channels.

Think of it this way: you have 3 faucets ( 3 channels) to fill 3 buckets(3 tracks) with water ( sound). After filling 3 buckets, you add 3 more buckets ( 3 more tracks) and fill them from the same 3 faucets. You can do this over and over until you have all the water ( sound) you want.

You have used 3 channels to create 3 tracks. Add a new track. You can use the main menu to add a audio track or the little icon at the top of the left hand box ( the area where each track of the current 3 tracks are listed.). After the new track has been added click on the circle in the left hand box and turn the track on or off. In the same box is a strip that list which of the three channels you with that channel to use as a source.

select which of the 3 channels you want to use to create the sound on that track. You have 3 channels that you may select from, channel 1, 2, 3.