Atomic Reactor For Sale

I’m heading out this afternoon to check out some music equipment for sale from someone (assuming the gear is in the described condition). Included in these items is an Atomic Reactor with the Pod XT template and a Pod XT. I wish to sell the atomic amp/template since I have no use for it. I’m asking $375 OBO.

I would be willing to also give up the Pod XT for $225 OBO if someone really wants it, or trade for a Bass Pod XT. The amp will be on Ebay in the next couple of days so let me know before then!

e-mail is:

I think Iran is in the market…

Sorry, couldn’t resist!

Don’t mean to be stupid, but what is an atomic reactor with Pod template?

It’s a tube powered combo amplifier that is designed to accept a variety of digital modeler pre-amplifiers such as the Line6 Pod XT. It’s a closed back 1x12 combo amp about the size of a 2x12 that contains a tube power amplifier and a cavity for the templates. You but the amp, buy the template that matches your particular device (it’ll take the pod’s, the behringer v-amp and something else I believe. You put it in the template box, then place the box into the amp. It’s a pretty sweet little setup actually. I tried it out yesterday before I bought it and it sounded pretty awesome. here’s a link to the two main items.

Pod XT
Atomic Reactor prices, template not included

Oh, yeah, I remeber seeing an ad for those, now. Seems like a good idea. :)