Audigy 2 and Terratec EWX 24/96

Hardware pronlem

Hi all,

I am trying to get these 2 cards to coexisit peacefully. I have used the EWX 24/96 for about a year in a different machine to record my wife’s accapella group and it worked great. I recently transfered it over to a new machine with a Audigy 2 which I have been using to play around with sound fonts and FL Studio. My hope is to use the audigy for the sequencing stuff and the EWX for the vocal stuff, but I am having problems with clicking sounds in the EWX as long as the Audigy 2 is enabled, when I disable it, the noise goes away. Originally it was more of a static sound, but I noticed that it was sharing an IRQ with the network interface, so I rearranged the cards and now everything has its own IRQ. Now I get more of a ryhmic clicking sound that hops between the right and left channels. The noise starts when ever a program starts using thw EWX card, but does not stop when I close the program. I have disabled all of the optional hardware, but the only thing that seems to correct it is disabling the audigy 2. At the moment I will probably just pick one of the cards to work with, but I thought I would at least see if anyone had any ideas.

System Info:

Windows XP
AMD Barton 2500
MSI Delta LSR Motherboard
using the built in Network
with all legacy ports (COM/Printer) and OnBoard Sound diabled
512 MB RAM
Audigy 2
Terratec EWX 24/96
ATI Radeon 9200
Samsung 80GB drive (7200 RPM)


It could be a shielding problem with one or the other. When the neighboring card is opened by the driver, interference from poor shielding may be the culprit. Maybe moving them farther apart inside the case or dropping another card between them will help if there is another card in there. I’m just tossing ideas here…


Check the soundcards mixer and see if any inputs are unexpectedly enabled. Does a ROM drive have an analog cable going from it to either of the cards for example? It sound very much like the filtering on the EAX card isn’t working correctly, if there isn’t some other source, a TG is is eluding to. That said it may be filtering on some other hardware that is allowing it to put out a lot more noise than it shoud. The Audugy might be a noise machine. Soundcards can filter only so much extra noise.

Well I tired disconnecting the cd player inputs… no change. Not sure how I can place more distance between the cards… I could add 1 more slot between them, but then something would being sharing the network IRQ. Adding shielding is not something I want to do, I can see myself shorting out something. Going to dig out my sb live in the next day or so and see if I get the same problems with it. May end up pulling the Audigy and just using the built in audio for windows audio, and the ewx 24/96 for the real audio stuff… kind of a waste of the Audigy 2, which I got specificly for the soundfont stuff, but oh well. Thanks for the suggestions.

After shutting off the mixer (the one the mics hook to), I noticed that the noise isn’t on the inputs of the EWX, just the analog outputs, which I guess make sense. I was albe to use the WDM drivers to record from the EWX and playback on the Audigy. The noise is still there on the EWX out, and I am not sure if this will damage the card in the long run, so I don’t think I will leave it that way. Going to try and reinstall the drivers, and then I give up…