Audigy 2 ZS & ASIO

I have the Audigy 2 ZS and am attempting to set the Creative ASIO as the audio source. I am not having any luck. I get a pop up that says “ASIO Error” and that’s it. Anyone else seeing this?

I know about kX and before I switch over (it looks a bit complicated) I wanted to see if the creative drivers would do the job for me.

Also, I am plugged into my SPDIF in…


dont know exactly the Audigy´s, but since you are using your SPDIF IN, the Audigy is slaved to the clock of the device you connected to the spdif. Maybe the sample rates of the external device is diffrent from the one Audigy can use for ASIO?

The audigy must be set to 48000 (also poss 96000) in ntrack preferences. Won’t work with asio and 44.1 etc. However I believe it doesn’t matter what spdif input is.

From creative music guide


• ASIO inputs 13 and 14 come from the S/PDIF input on the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 card. This input includes automatic sample-rate conversion, enabling any consumer digital source to be used. (Sound Blaster Audigy 2 always clocks from its own internal sampling clock);

Note spdif is on channels 13 & 14 for audigy 2zs. (although this info comes from the EX guide, not the ZS. The ZS has 2 additional asio channels, so spdif may be on 15&16 instead on the ZS) You have to enable at least 14 input channels in ntrack preferences to see the input. You can disable the channels you don’t need via the “hammer” symbol.

I’ve never used spdif myself. One thing tho, my ZS installation has 3 different asio drivers - creative asio, and 16 bit and 24 bit drivers. I believe the creative asio and the 16 bit one are identical.


Thanks. I’ve forsaken the spdif and gone back to analog line in for the 24bit/96k. Too much time wasted… thanks again.