Audio Driver Not Streaming

n-Track stopped working.

I am using a M-Audio Moble Pre interface. This past week n-Track gave me a message saying that the “Audio Driver is not Streaming”. I had to restart my recording.

I was recording my sermon at Church I record about 50 min of “just audio” at about the 27 mark I got that message.

it should have said “Audio Driver requests to stop Streaming” first, but no matter - sounds like you where using WDM drivers, which complain constantly, although saying that i noticed at the M Audio website they no longer support WDM drivers, due to the problems that M Audio (and half the world are having with XP media centre edition) that does not mean that they are not there - switch to ASIO drivers these dont complain and are far far and away the besr drivers for all types of recording -

Dr J

Be aware that the Mobile Pre is a “Class Compliant” USB device. No special drivers are loaded UNLESS you run the install for them from the disk or download them from M-Audio’s web site. There is an ASIO driver on the CD or web site that should run rings around the “Class Compliant” jobbie. “Class Compliant” means the device will use a generic USB driver that comes with XP or Apples Mac OSX. Install the ASIO driver and give it a whirl…