Audio enhancement plugin?

any recommendation?

I see all these great audio enhancement plugins for winamp and other players that really add depth, warmth and surround sound to music but no way of saving the file with the added effects. (i think they are called dsp) Are there any direct x or vst plugins that will do this with n-track so they can be saved that way? It would be great to give my recordings a little more life. thanks…


DSP just stands for Digital Signal Processors. Everything from cell phones to microwaves have DSPs in them anymore. So the question is, what specifically do you want? It sounds to me like you probably want some mastering plugins like the Kjaerhus Mastering Limiter or the VoxEngo Stereo touch. A new one I just stumbled across a little while ago is X-Cita. And let’s not forget everyone’s favorite… Endorphin

Mostly those plug ins for winamp and such are simply EQ with a bit of reverb on them.

The science and art of adding “depth” and “warmth” and such is a complex one that requires a lifetime commitment to master, as far as I can tell. One rule seems quite true: you cant get out anything that is not in it in the first place. So the best enhancement things are: good instruments, played well, in good arrangements, recorded with good mics in good rooms through good preamps. :)

Aw, let the poor guy have some fun. In a few months he’ll be back asking questions about mastering and then we can really confuse him. :;):

Thanks…Yeah, I think my main problem is that I play everything on a keyboard and record direct, therefore I end up with a flat sound. Unfortunately this is my only option right now. I’ll mess around with some of those programs though. If anyone is interested in what I mean, I recently finished 2 new songs. One is very simple with just piano, which is different for me.

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