Audio files Time-Stretching Idea

The multiple tempo controls within the Metronome is a wonderful feature it is very well organized. I am wondering if there could be an Update (for the iOS version) where those Tempo Controls could carry tempo information over to the Flexible Time function that each track already has that could flex the entire Audio Waveform to fit the tempo within the Tempo Change window of the Metronome? I realize currently a large tempo flex can degrade the recorded sound quality, this could maybe become an option to allow the sound to be mangled or to retain original quality. I suppose some artists might want to mangle audio in this way, but not me. I frequently use flexible time to stretch a note that ended too soon, I don’t want to lose that capability. I can easily tempo change MIDI parts and then record Audio to match the changes in tempo no problem. BUT if we could speed up the audio of the song along with MIDI, it would be fantastic. Please consider this request for n-Track Pro on iOS.