Audio Has Robot Sound

How Can I Get A Normal Voice Audio?

Hi all,

I’m not even sure how to describe this.
I downloaded an audio book and now want to put them on cd’s to listen to.
But, although I can understand the speaker, I would like to clear up the “robotic” “echoey” sound and make it more clear, more like a normal voice.
Any suggestions?
I tried a few effects and what-not, but I resolved to either asking on this forum, or leaving it alone and deal with it.

Would appreciate any hints, feedback or even the fact that that is the way it is----


If it’s reverb or echo, there is not much you can do about it.

You can try a compressor/limiter to smooth the peaks and valleys, but like Tom said if it’s reverb or echo, yer stuck pretty much.

unless the audio system you listen to it on is set up for surround sound, theater setting, or some such thing. then just turn it off. but you’re probably past that already, so i’m just irrelevant.

Nobody is irrelevant!! I did put the first part on a cd and got the same result—but I hadn’t tried it with those settings you mentioned off. Or any other cd player. You make a point. Thanks

Just a quick note.
I DID get it to sound better by taking surround sound off.
I will try the other suggestion next, but it’s better.
Now why didn’t I think of that? ???