Audio not playing when recording midi

N-track pro on iPad Air 4, current versions of everything. I’ll record an audio track and the record a midi instrument enclosed in n-track. When I do this the already recorded audio track is Silent I can’t hear it when recording the midi instrument. I can hear both after recording and playing everything back, but not while recording.


Hello @Heimie, thank you for the video and sorry for the inconvenience and the late answer.

We’ve managed to reproduce the issue and a fix will be available in the next release. Thanks once again for the heads up!

In the meanwhile, as a workaround, you can use the “Un-arm Track” option instead of the “Disable” one in the rec-arm menu. You might need to reload the project first. Let me know if that helps!

Your workaround fixed my problem thanks!

That’s great to hear!

We’ve also just released version 9.9.6 which contains the fix for your problem. Let me know when you have the chance to try it. :+1:

The 9.9.6 updates fixed it just as you said. I’m always amazed at how fast you’ve responded to address user concerns and glitches over the years. N-track is uniquely fantastic in that area. Thank you for being so responsive and I can’t wait for your 10.0 version and whatever surprises it will have!

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Perfect, thank you for the update.
No problem at all, in fact sorry it slipped in the stable release in the first place!