Audio PLayback in Headphones

a question i have

While I am recording a track I cannot hear it through the headphones or the speakers. The only time the track becomes audible is once it is recorded and I play it back. This makes it very difficult to record more than one track and near impossible to record things that are electric and plugged directly in. I checked to make sure that no audio outputs were muted and nothing is. Like I said, the track will play after recorded but before and during the recording it shows up on the input meter but does not come through the speaker or headphones (the track I am currently playing that is).

Check your vol control settings by double clicking the sound icon on your task bar or however you normally get there.
Go upto Options and click Properties. From there you should be able to select Recording. Then click okay. Some soundcards have the play through setting under Recording and some through Playback. Either way, there should be an option under Windows volume control somewhere you can click to monitor the input.

What soundcard?


What darklife says is almost if you’re using a builtin or soundblaster card. If you have a card built for recording music, then you need to use the mixer program that came with your soundcard.

BTW, another (easier) way to get where darklife led you is n-Track’s menu: “View -> Soundcard’s Mixer -> Recording Controls” or “-> Playback Controls”. I’ve always seen this under Playback, not Recording. In Recording, you select the input to record and set the record level. In Playback, you adjust the same thing (i.e., “Line Input”), to control how much you hear directly from the device.

its a m-audio mobile pre usb soundcard. i have audio input and output turned on and it still wont work. im not sure how to access the mixer for the external soundcard im using.

Well, that’s what you need to do. There should be a help document from “Start -> Programs”, probably under “M-Audio”.

I have an M-audio card.

Assuming it uses the same software mixer as your card - which I think it does, I find the M-audio mixer can be a bit confusing at first. You need to read the manual a couple of times and check the section on (I think) the monitor mix.

I’m not at my DAW right now so I can’t check for you but I don’t use the card to monitor - I monitor through a mixer.



Try turning up the Microphone volume under PLAYBACK in volume control. I had the same problem until I did that.

I had this problem with my M-Audio interface (external, connected via USB) until I selected the interface for both Recording and Playback in the n-track properties.

I had the interface selected for recording (worked great) but not playback. So now I changed that, and plug my headphones into the interface and bingo… :D