Audio recording pitch is sharp

Hi everyone!

I’m facing a problem that’s driving me crazy :sweat_smile:
When I record my guitar, pitch is always 1.5 semitone sharp!

Here is my setup : Electric guitar into Fender Mustang Micro amp (it is also an audio interface) via USB into my Android Mobile. Headphones are directly on the amp to avoid latency issues.

I’ve searched everywhere in the app but can’t seem to find the source of this.
I’ve deleted the song and created a new one many times. I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled the app: problem remains.

I know I can force the pitch down, but I’m loosing twice in tonal quality (once when it pitches up, once when I re-pitch it down)…

Anyone has an idea what could be going on here?
Thanks everyone for your help!

It sounds like a sampling frequency issue. 1.5 semitone is approximataely an 8.9% difference in frequency which is approximately the same percent difference between 48000 and 44100 hz. So probably n-Track is set at 48000 hz while the amp is working at 44100. Try if switching the sampling frequency in the n-Track settings fixes the issue.


Thanks Flavio! Love it when the ear matches the brain. I’m impressed!

Well I couldn’t change the sampling frequency, but switched to mono and back to stereo, it now works. Hope it helps other people who might face the same issue!