Audio Settings Error Handling

So since I used this application a long time ago and I am dipping my toe back into recording music, I thought I would take a look at the current offering. I have a played around a few hours and I could see myself using it again, my biggest issue is that the audio settings seem user hostile. The number of times I have seem the ‘Error opening audio device’ error message is crazy and no useful information or resetting to default device that works.

I am using windows 10 and was using UCA202 to record some audio (16/48) and midi tracks. Getting the initial settings for the UCA202 was fun, but then I disconnected it and reloaded n-track, lots of audio settings messages and no easy way to just use the default windows audio device. The project only had midi tacks so I don’t understand why it wouldn’t just switch to the windows default.

I am not trying to knock the program but most people would just uninstall and try something else with the experience I have had. There has got to be a more forgiving way to handle this.


which kind of audio driver manifests the issue? (Asio, Wasapi, MME, you can check it going to Settings->Audio devices).
Are you able to make the audio device work by changing audio drivers?