Audio wav file does not import into N-Track Studio for Android tablets and phones

I am using the trial version on a lenovo Chromebook.
N-Track Studio for Android Tablets and Phones
downloaded from Google Play.
I wish to verify that N-Track will perform as advertised.
So far everything is going fine.
I open an empty audio track.
I select “import audio file” from the =menu.
From the next pop up menu I select “Files”.
The next window opens revealing the Chromebook file explorer tree.
My Files
Google Drive
Micro SD Card
I select a wav file from Google Drive (files were previously put on Google Drive)
When I hit the “open” button the system gives a split second hiccup
and goes back to the tracks window.
The audio track is there
but EMPTY. No wav file imported.
Before I invest in a subscription I need to know if this will work.
anybody have similar experience or solution suggestions?


sorry for the late reply. The latest update of the Android version of n-Track fixes an issue which seems to occur only on Chromebooks with importing files from ‘Files’ system app not working. Please let me know if you still see the issue in the latest update.


Hi both,

This is still happening on my Honor 8 Tablet.

Wav files are greyed out and I’m unable to import them.

I’ve also got the latest update installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What is the format of the files you’re trying to import? What command inside the app are you using to open the files explorer? To import audio files the command to use is the + button below the last track, then ‘Import audio file’. Alternatively try opening the device’s Files app, then browse to the file, long press on it, select ‘Open in’, then select n-Track as the app to open the file with.