audiominds forum down?

I can’t sign on

I just tried to access the forum at Audiominds and got an error that said there was a prblem with the database. Is the site down, or is the problem with my stuff?

Appears to be down. Got the same message.


Same here!

Its not your stuff, bax. Look like they are having more problems but I am sure they are on top of it.


Down down, deeper & down (Status Quo, 1974)

Got it last night (and there was an error that Don put up on the audiominds home site about it).

Just got in right now - seems to be up



Down down, deeper & down (Status Quo, 1974)

Teryeah, please, no. :(

Not that I don’t like Quo, I think Roadhouse Blues on Piledriver blows the Doors away.

But I played lead in a band for a wee while in which the rhythm guitarist was a Quo fanatic.

He attended all their concerts, and he could play everything they ever did.

But, the bugger would never change his strings, so his intonation was to hel l and gone, and his Tele was impossible to tune.

And although it was “in tune” on open strings, when he played the opening bit of “down down deeper and down” up around the 12th fret, he was almost a semitone out from the rest of us.

I still have nightmares about it. :(