automating VST in n-track

I have managed to use the controller 7 in the piano roll to automate the volume of the CM101 plugin. I would also like to control some of the other parameters - the controllers seem to have no effect. Also, drawing effects parameters in the timeline has no effect.
I have also tried adding a controller under File-Settings-MIDI fader etc. but that ain’t working either!

any experience/thoughts? - am I just being thick?


nice to be back :;):

I was having a similiar problem. I got the effects automation to work when I selected the “P” button in the mixer window.

:) thanks mr. hairy - works a treat.

It looks like a Play button in V.4 - the record button allows you to tweak away and record the parameter changes.

does any one know why the “P” in the mixer has to be pressed for effects automation to work? Also, when drawing the automation for effect plugins, I can only draw horizontal lines, no slanting lines.

I believe the the “P” has to be pressed as you are ‘Playing back’ fader/effect automation, whereas the “R” is for ‘Recording’ it in real time. Just to make life confusing, these icons have just changed (sometime at or before build 1673) to tape function type play and record icons.

I think the reasoning behind turning them on and off is one of CPU overhead. If you don’t use the automation, you don’t want the prog to be ‘just checking’ everytime it sends a buffer to a plug…

I guess that’s the reason, I could be wildly wrong tho’!


cool thanks guys