Automation of "MIDI effect"

Automation of “MIDI effect”

If I have a VST which is a MIDI effect (just MIDI in and out).

1. The effect does not show up for my MIDI track in Draw Envelopes…Effects parameters unless I add the effect to an audio track. Then it shows up in both the audio and the MIDI track.

2. The values displayed when you adjust the slope are in float values instead of the values that the VST maps those floats to.

3. Is there a way to set the value by opening the VST’s UI at a particular instance in time and adjusting it the way you want?



Any vst I have used requires a vst that lets you use a midi controller in N-track to send a value to the vst.
Just like you send volume info.
Kore player for example lets you select the controller you wish to use for for various things.
I have never used a midi effect as an insert.
I don’t know enough about what your using to tell you any more.
One way would be to mix down the midi file to a wav and then add the effects you want to.


Yendawg! I second Larrye’s point. That seams to be the way it works across many platform - convert/bounce/sub-mix - to go to the next level of editability.
PS. ‘midi effect’? Could you explain a little more?

Thanks for the ideas. A while back when I was evaluating n-Track I ran into a wall selecting program changes/banks for my MIDI sound modules.
The track controls didn’t work right, and attempting to override the sound bank files was a failure.
To solve this, I want to create a VST whose job is to let me choose program changes/banks and then send them when appropriate.
For this I have a VST that accepts the MIDI for a track, and then injects the program changes on the way out whenever one of the parameters changes (bank, PC.)
That is, I’m not using MIDI to control the VST.
I am literally processing the MIDI stream.
Control is done only through setting the VST parameters via the user interface.

I have the VST working, but observe the oddities I described.

Sorry Yendawg. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer and I’m strugling to get my head round it. Would you post a list of hardware and software involved.

Using code formatting to preserve my drawerings:

Code Sample:

I originally started with this:

[PC/n-Track]->[Hardware MIDI Interface]->[Roland SC-88]

Now, I have a MIDI track in n-Track and I want to set the instrument.

Since the n-Track interface is not working for me I want to do this:

[PC/n-Track]->[MIDI Effect]->[Hardware MIDI Interface]->[Roland SC-88]


±---- Parameters: Bank, Program Change


±---- User Interface


`----- nTrack Effect Settings / Automation Envelope

Now when the track starts, n-Track will set my initial parameter
settings and I can turn those into a program change.

Secondarily, I would like to automate the parameters so that n-Track
sets my parameters at designated points in the track (whever I change
the parameters via the effect parmaeter envelope), and the MIDI effect
will send a respective new program change at that point in the track.

I’ll take baby steps on this.
First issue: adding a VST to a MIDI track.

a. Start blank and add a new MIDI track.

b. Bring up the track mixer.
c. At the bottom of the track mixer the effect box says “MIDI”.
(On an audio track it would say “No Efx”.)
This “MIDI” appears to be nothing because it doesn’t open when I click on it, and when I right click it doesn’t have “Remove”.
d. Click the “+” to add an effect and drag my MIDI VST to the effect box (You can use other [audio] VST effects to demonstrate this.)
e. Observe no change in the effect box.
f. Click on the “MIDI” item in the effect box.
g. Now a UI appears with my VST parameters in it.

Try adding more effects, but there is only a single “MIDI” ever listed in that MIDI track’s effect box.
Audio track’s natrually work as you would expect and show each effect that you have added.