AUX channel

deleting an AUX channel

last night I needed to add a new Aux channel to a song I was working on.
Think I had a twin reverb plug and was sending some guitars to it.
I then realized it was the wrong set of guitars
in a song that didn’t need the reverb.
I no longer needed the extra AUX channel.
I was unable fiind a way to delete the AUX channel.

Does anyone know how to delete an aux channel.
It’s very easy to add them…


Hi, Tulsa

I delete aux channels by going into the Master Mixer and clicking on the name of the channel I want to delete. A “properties” window wit the tabs “delete” and “effects” then opens.


Thanks Fuggle… works for me.

I’m going to move this to the tips thread, excellent thread.


Moved to tips tread. Excellent.