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New Song / Selling Drums

New song, rough mix (very rough), done in N-Track not mastered. Spent the last couple of weeks recording clips of my acoustic drums with N-Track. I have realized I cant, nor ever will, play drums worth a darn so I am selling my acoustic set. Can you say tempo drift? Keeping my electronic set & congas. This song happened while I was goofin with my drums.

Thanks to “N” I now have a large collection of 24 bit 48K drum files I can splice together. Reclaim some basement space? Nah…I’ll find some piece of gear to fill’er up.


Good tune Duff, enjoyed it, like to hear final mix on it! :agree:

Oh . . .
and Happy Belated Birthday!

Thanks Yaz for the Birthday wishes…It was a great day. I got to spend my morning at my business installing a new hydrolic cylinder for the arbor in my hardwood resaw. But… when I got home the wife had homemade Italian Beef, and fried bread for dessert!

Another year older and that much fatter!


Quote: (duffman @ Feb. 16 2009, 6:42 AM)

Another year older and that much fatter!


I heard that! :laugh:
Quote: (duffman @ Feb. 16 2009, 4:37 AM)

Can you say tempo drift?

Can you say metronome? :D

I found the drift rather intriguing - snare went from one - to two count and I never noticed where!

It’s just a minor foundation thang, that turns major when the walls go up and things don’t exactly line up like they should. No excuses though. Tighten up!

When I get my winter plate of things to do finished Duff - I really wanna do a tune or two with you. Serious.

Poppa, change buried in congas…bassline helped…not a bass, Casio keys on #14 pipe organ, played in lowest octave.

I did not drift in this song. I just find in general, after all these years of trying, I just cant keep all my parts moving and pounding the drums through a whole song, in time…I just cant do it…somewhere after 8 or 12 or some # of measures my timing drifts a bit. EVEN FOLLOWING A METRONOME…So I give up… playing drums…

Anytime you want to collab…anytime.

Quote: (duffman @ Feb. 16 2009, 4:37 AM)

Can you say tempo drift?

Before you sell, play with a click track or cowbell track.
I think you'll see instant improvement.
Well if your lookin for space, use that technique with your elect,kit.
:agree: You have to trane for everthing.
Believe it or not your where potty trained once.
Some of us wern't, but you probably where.
Good Song Mr Duffman

Hi Duffman:

You got a twin out here on the coast…
His name is Brian Matheson…
He’s a multi-talented musician… Any instrument he picks up he can get music from it…

I almost hate guys that can do that with any instrument…

When he’s in the studio, he’s a OnE TaKe Kind-of-Guy…

Anyway, you two are the spitin image of one-another…

I downloaded your project…
What’s the matter with that tempo…


I like the tune. It’s got style.


If anyone is interested final mix is up:
Same address as before.

Bill…if that guy really looks like me…I feel sorry for the guy. My wife said for better or worse…I used to look better!