Back to version 3.3?

Glitches with 4.0?

I’ve just upgraded to 4.0 and not sure that I’m liking it. I mean, it looks cooler, has better features, but it just doesn’t seem to be working properly.

Example…I have the Classic Master Limiter. Worked AWESOME in 3.3! Now I’ve got clipping and the sound seems to actually get softer! What is going on! ITS A BRICK WALL LIMITER, HOW CAN IT CLIP!!! And I see everyone is complaining over higher CPU usage. I’ve got enough power to handle that, but what the heck??

Also, I NEVER got errors in 3.3. Now every 10 minutes it says that it has a serious error and has to close. Beleive me folks, not my first day on the job and I’m doing nothing different that I always have.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Otherwise I gotta figure how to get 3.3 back!!


Is there any new functionality in 4.x that you REALLY need? If not, go back to 3.3.

Good point! Any idea how to go back? I think it just upgraded over 3.3. Or is this a question for Flavo? I appreciate the response.


You have supplied zero details about your setup so it is almost impossible to make any kind of useful suggestion.

I’d assume that you are not running XP sp2 on a 3mhz chip with 2 gig of RAM?
Your sound card is a… sblive? or…I dunno.

Maybe you should check out preferences closely, I’d bet
a lot has changed since 3.3 and if 3.3 worked well it’s likely a difference in settings somewhere is your main problem.

This is not to say there are zero issues with v4 but it’s not like
it’s some kind of cursed version number.

The experts will help you more than I can so.


I have not yet decided to go back to 3.3, but I have definately noticed a higher drain on resources.

Surely you can just delete most of the 4.0 version and then reinstall 3.3 fresh. I wouldn’t expect the more difficult parts of the 4.0 installation to find (ie. registry keys) to cause you a problem when you re-install 3.3.

If I can offer any help in removing 4.0 (in case you are fairly new to using PC’s) then let me know.



Again, thanks for the responses. As far as my computer goes, I’m running XP service pack 2, 3.2 gig pentium 4, 1 gig ram, delta 44 soundcard. And my setting are the same as they were in 3.3. Heck I’ve been using N-track since the first version!!

I definately want to go back to 3.3. And unfortunately I don’t think I have the 3.3 installer anymore and I don’t see it available to download again on the website.

Yes, if you can help me get it, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks guys,

Whoops…I found the installer on the N-track site. Sorry! Thanks!

And I see everyone is complaining over higher CPU usage.
What's the consensus on the CPU issue, i.e., has it been quantified? I haven't switched to 4.x because I never switch to the latest version, until bug fixes/SP's are out, but the CPU issue is critical to me.

Mr Soul

As far as I can tell, 4.04 is still using more CPU power for the same projects. I did a quick, not-very-thorough, test last night to see how close they were on my system. I installed 3.3 and made a song with 2 VSTi tracks (Crystal softsynth and Loopazoid for drums) and 3 stereo tracks (44.1 kHz) with a few effects thrown in. I played it back and visually noted peak CPU usage for the song. I then uninstalled 3.3 and reinstalled 4.04 build 1778. I opened the same, unaltered file, played it back, and noted CPU usage. To make things more fair, I minimized 4.04’s interface to more closely match 3.3’s (i.e., turned off extra mixer strips and VUs, close windows, etc.). This seems to really matter with 4.04.

What I found is that 3.3 peaked at about 19% CPU usage on the song, while 4.04 peaked at about 22%. (*EDIT: Just wanted to add that track freezing (24-bit) brought the 4.04 figure down to about 11% :p *) I have a feeling it could be changes to the graphics code in N-track or something, because open windows really seem to eat up CPU in 4.04, but that’s just a WAG.

Anyway, FWIW! :cool:


What I found is that 3.3 peaked at about 19% CPU usage on the song, while 4.04 peaked at about 22%
That difference is acceptable. I've been avoiding 4.x because it's too fresh but I think the CPU issue was worse. Maybe I should switch now.

Mr Soul

One of the big differences in V3 and V4 are the always-on effects. Along with the EQ on each channel V4 defaults to having a compressor, and there is reverb and EQ in the AUX returns as well. Just having them there shouldn’t use hardly any CPU but they are there.

Mike, just keep in mind that I only used a 5-track song for testing. This is not very thorough, IMO, and I’d like to do a comparison with something more complex when I have time. In case you missed it, you might want to check out this recent thread for another take using a 14-track project (40-60% with 3.3 vs. 75-95% with 4.04 build 1776), as well as a driver-related observation. The OP in the thread didn’t mention doing any interface “reduction” in 4.04 like I did–that really seems to make a difference for me.

BTW, it’d be nice to have a reference song file for testing. Perhaps I should use your “On A Roll”? Hmmmm…

Anyway, just a heads up while the can of worms is still sealed. :D