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I recently backup N-track studio with Nero. I am performing a restoration on my computer and don’t want to loss music files. I took the backup disc and went on a different computer to make sure that everything would run. I restored the program but when I try to open it a message comes up -"The drive or Network connection that the shortcut to n track refers to is unavailable.Make sure that the disk is properly inserted or the network resource is available,and then try again. Anyone know how to fix this problem I would be most grateful.

Did it do a ‘flat file’ backup (ie just a copy from and copy back) ?

The only way you can get programs accross is with something like a system state backup.

I have found before (like with Lotus Notes / Domino) that you can copy the files somewhere, and then when you do an ‘overinstall’ it keeps the settings, but fix the ‘OS’ side of things.

You might want to try that, and tell it to ‘keep the settings’ when it asks you to.

Don’t know if it will work tho’

My .02


You can check the properties of the shortcut and see if it is pointing to where n-track actually resides.


Yeah - that’s the (obvious but overlooked by me) 1st thing you need to check.

Then again, you said that you want to restore so that you don’t lose your music.

Why don’t you just restore the data files / folders and reinstall Ntrack ?

Or did I not understand your question ?