balanced mic cable


could someone reccommend a good quality balanced mic cable I could buy in bulk from either canada or the us. Or maybe give me an idea of what to avoid what to look for in a mic cable.


I’ve always bought Peavey cable from a local music store. They buy it by the 500’ roll and sell it at around 50 cents/ft. I like this cable because it is very supple and doesn’t kink very easily, and its nice to work with when putting on Neutrix ends. I live in SW Ontario.


Canare is great stuff.

if you only need a few mic cables, of standard length (eg 25 feet), and your soldering isn’t the best… there’s no real advantage to making your own. Buy a couple good ones that are premade.

if you’re going to make your own mic cables, Canare Star-Quad is the bees knees - it is absolutely the best for rejecting hum and interference. pretty durable too. Not the cheapest.

Mogami also make good mic wire.

Monster mic cables are nice, but only if someone else is paying for them.

Thx for the help.

Anyone know of any good suppliers?

Here is a supplier I found with Google search, I’ve never purchased from them but they list the Canare Star Quad microphone cable for $0.44/ft. Seems like a decent price as Belden 8412 cable, the old industry standard, is priced at $0.50/ft.

Another good mail-order house here in the States is MCM Electronics. They carry Belden and most other brands of cabling. They will ship internationally as well.

They also carry the Neutrix connectors which are very popular among musicians.