Basic Guide

for studio work

I found this lying on the hard drive and thought I should share:
Studio Buddy
It’s a “How To” for studio work.Might be useful.

Thx Willie!

Hi Gents:

Thanks for the link, Iwont Tell…
I believe it’s been around for years…
It has been improved sense the last time I visited that page…

Good Stuff In There…


hello i have the v6 ntrack studio and i am trying to learn how to do a beat and just make a song off it I dont know anything can some one help

Well, do you have some samples to play with?

Open n, right click anywhere in the lg grey area (default color) of the track view, choose to add a midi track, right click on the new midi tk, choose to output to new inst, choose ntrack drummer.
In ntrak drummer choose a kit, go to steps,
learn how to make a pattern.
That should take a little while, but will get you close to making a beat of your choosing to record to.
Rember to save often, note; as soon as you make a midi track and add ntrack drummer, go to file and save it as!! If you do that and save often, it will be as you left it when you reopen.
Are you sure that your old enough to be doing this? :laugh:


how to do a beat and just make a song off it

Maybe you saw these already, but in case not, there are video
tutorials, and the user document at
Section 1.3 and 1.4 of the document step you thru a basic song.

hey studio man, I aknowledge you, D