Basic question - how to cut and slide left?

Basic editing help needed

Let’s have a race - you answer my question before I find the answer somewhere else. I’m not lazy, just impatient.

How do I cut an identical slice out of multiiple tracks simultaneously? I don’t want to copy it - I just want it gone.

How do I make the remainiing right-hand section slide left to abut the remaining left-hand section?


Left click and drag to make the selection.
If you start making your selection in one of the tracks, and while dragging you move the cursor into one of the other tracks … all tracks will get selected the same amount. Then just click the “cut” (scissors) tool bar button. Or navigate to Edit and select cut … or CTRL+X.
As far as getting all of the tracks to join at the remaining sections in one movement … I don’t think it can be done.
However, you can do each track individually by holding the CTRL button while you left click and drag the section over to join with the other. The little boxes should turn purple when the joining happens at a zero crossing. Zooming in on the waveform helps.



As far as getting all of the tracks to join at the remaining sections in one movement .... I don't think it can be done

yes it can - hold shift down while selecting - multiple parts can be selected. Hold ctrl while moving and all parts slide together.


Maaszy - you are a star - I’ve been trying to do that for ages.

To get all parts to move together, you need to select them all, by holding down shift and clicking on them all like Maaszy says. You can also select them all by clicking below the bottom track and dragging. This works with either tool (select or drag).

The control button causes the tool to change between selection tool and drag tool.

When dragging multiple parts with the grid on, the LAST PART SELECTED is the one that’s aligned to the grid. (When dragging to select, it’s the first wave part on the last track selected, i.e., the first part in the topmost track.)