Bass Drum Backing Track

I play in a duo where we use bass/drum backing tracks to get a full band sound for the duo. We play the other instruments and sing for the live gigs. It is harder than one would think to play with backing tracks live but it is worth it when you get it right. Obviously the backing track is not forgiving and you have to play with it, not vice versa.

Here is a backing track I did for Lowdown by Boz Skaggs. Jim Berilla on drums and me on bass (two tracks for the bass).

I used a MOTU 828MK3 for the recording hardware. N-tracks Studio 6 for the mixing.
Fender tele bass recorded direct.
Shure beta 52 kick mic; MXL 993 overhead mics, SM57s on snare and toms.


Cool. Great tune. I have the same interface. How do folks in the audience respond to the fact that the backing tracks are pre-recorded?

We play on an outside patio that holds a few hundred people. It is funny that people don’t really seem to notice we are using backing tracks or at least they don’t comment on it. We play acoustic guitar, keys, pedal steel and sax, plus our two vocals. People seem to notice the pedal steel, sax and vocals and seem to ignore the backing tracks. It sounds good so maybe that is all that matters. :)


S’all good. I’d like to hear it with you guys on top.

Those are nice tracks…

There’s a vocal trio around here that play as a duo sometimes and as many as a five piece stage at other times… The tracks are all recorded… Their whole play list is all pre-recorded…
If they play as a quartet some nights they just remove whatever tracks from the editor that makes up the stage for that night… It doesn’t matter how many are on the stage, that night…
They always sound like a five-or-six piece band…

[quote] S’all good. I’d like to hear it with you guys on top.