battery vsti

how to get 8 outputs

Hi, I am new to Ntrack, but am a long time user of cubase. I needed a cost effective means to use vsti’s for our church svcs, and since I used to be a registered user of Ntrack (v1), I upgraded.

The question I have is, how do I get battery to give me the option of more than one output? The option is greyed out under preferences…???

groove agent shows all 4 outputs easily enough…am I missing something?

I don’t use battery but I would think this is a battery config/setting rather than an N setting.

I use RMF and Jamstix and they each have 4 outputs.
When I load the VSTi into n-Track 4 channels automatically appear in n-Track’s mixer.
I don’t have to changeanything in n-Track.

If no-one here can answer you might need to try the battery forum.

Does Battery show 4 outputs in other VST hosts?


actually, I use 8, and yes, they show up just fine. not sure why it’s not doing it in N…

anybody else have any ideas? I haven’t upgraded to V2 of battery…will this solve the problem?