Beatles MP3

I’m new to recording, played guitar a long time, but I have really struggled with recording, found it a little hard to figure out.
My vocals are thin -I’m using the little mic that came with my computer. The Bass is perfect on my home system but may be weak on little computer speakers.
I’ve posted in other forums with all positive praising comments, but for some reason, very few. Perhaps my choice of song?…one.mp3

Let’s see what happens here, advice welcome.

link isn’t working for me…:frowning:

works for me. shrugs I liked it. Very good for the whole beatles thing. If that is the type of recording sound you are looking for, then you have hit it, IMO. Very good stuff. Interesting panning. how did you pan it?


The Panning story:
I listened to an Mp3 of the “original” Beatles recording. I noted that all the vocals were panned right, guitars and I think bass on the other side.
So I did the same -I did not like it as much so I moved bother guitars and vocals more toward center, but not all the way center. I recorded in stereo, and used n-track to due the panning.
Heres the thing:
I have since learned that the “True original” Beatles recording was mono, and various subsequent releases took the original tracks and “converted” them to stereo. This process yeilded some bad editing at times.
I’m learning these things as people like you respond to my posts in other forumes, very very helpful.
Thanks for listening
The link works for me too, sorry I dont know what to fix?

I think it’s pretty good :)
There’s some noise on the guitar track (?), very audible at the the beginning & the end. Cheesy tambourine. Don’t be ashamed of the stick mic :)

Few will even attempt three part harmony. You’ve done a good job of it. Congratulations!

Three part harmonies ? Bah - any day. Before breakfast. Just ask phoo…
* ducks & runs *
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Thanks, I’m trying “And Your Bird Can Sing” next --Beatle fans will know it, That harmonizing lead is hard to play start to finish without error, and it wasnt all that easy to pick out either. After that I may try Crosby Stills Nash Young, thats 4 part harmonies and alternate tunings. Playing and singing is the easy part for me at this stage —its the recording skills that I’m still learning.
Thanks for listening, your feedback is very helpful!