Bedtime Stories

Party Pooper

Would you read this to your kid? I’m thinking that if I ever have any, or manage to kidnap some, that this is the sort of thing that I might read to them.

Well that’s gotta make for good drinkin’! :laugh:
I think that’s where they make Coors light! LOL!

Anyway, my daugter is 3 now. She’s starting to freak me out.
She’s been on a strange kick lately and won’t go to bed unless she’s watching 1 of three DVD’s.
The Bride of Chucky
Freddy V’s Jason
Jason in Outer space. not shure which # that is.

If I don’t let her watch it, she cries all night making my life a nightmare.

I think she was a B flick director in her past life!


I have this book. It’s really great :D and TRUE