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Problems with old tracks

Hi Folks. Question. I recorded some stuff back in V4, and had a few dead computers along the way, but thought I was good about backing things up. Gave it up for a while, but because of certain life changes, I want to revisit a song I recorded back in 2004. It opens fine, but half of the wave windows have a big “X” thru them with no wave data. Anyone have an Idea? Have V8 now.

Thank you in advance.


Hi, Musicman1964. This likely means that the WAV files related to the track/song and wave forms are no longer where they were when you last saved the project. When you discovered the problem, were you offered a choice to ‘find the files manually’ and if so, what did you do? are you in a habit of naming your projects prior to recording any of its tracks?

Hi Tony, thanks for the reply.
Actually the odd thing is that the tracks all play fine, its just that there is no wave display on some of them. I am thinking that it may have something to do with an effects plugin or something that I no longer have?
Also, When I first opened it again, I didn’t get any kind of warnings at all.
Worst case scenario is that I just start over. After all, that’s the fun part Right?

Ok, cool. So - are you getting output from the tracks that have crosses through the waveforms?

Yes Sir. Everything is playing, but about half have X thru them. Everything is in the same folder as well. Strange Right?

So you can ‘solo’ each track, even the ones with a cross through them, and monitor an output? If it were me, I’d individually bounce each track into a new project.

Hi Tony, that’s a GREAT Idea. I can solo all of them, and just did a quick test drive, and things work fine.

Thanks for the help Bro.


Nicely. Any chance of a listen?