Befuddling message after upgrade

Suggesting a rephrasing

After upgrading to v4.1 beta 1, I got this confusing message on startup.

"A configuration file from a previous n-Track studio installation has been detected. Do you want to keep the existing configuration?"

It’s completely unclear to me whether “the existing configuration” is the one from the previous installation, or the one from the new installation. I think it refers to the new one. If so, a better phrasing would be “Do you want to keep the new configuration?”. If it means the other, then a good phrasing would be "Do you want to use the previous configuration?"

The next sentence is also confusing:

"Using the new default configuration is safer, but if unexpected problems (sic) you can always go back to the default configuration with the “revert to defaults” button…"

This seems to be saying that the button reverts to the defaults from the defaults. That’s confusing.

Still, a great program.

- Leo

The “existingconfiguration” is the one you had before the latest install.
ie. it will have any settings you have in the preferences that you changed from the defaults (buffers, tick box optioins, soundcards, midi devices etc.)

If you choose to keep the “existing configuration” n-Track will use the settings you were using under the previous install.
This will work most of the time as you will probably have all the same hardware etc.

If you choose not to keep the existing configuration, n-track will reset all your preferences to the default settings.

If you choose to use the existing configuration and not reset to defaults you can reset to defaults via the rest to defaults option in the preferences at a later date.


I agree that the message is confusing.
I like your suggestion: “Do you want to keep the new configuration?”.
Then set the default answer to NO.

It makes sense to me.

You “keep” something you already have (your old configuration).

I agree it is a little confusing (for some reason whenever I reinstall I always stuff it up and have to set all my recording preferences and stuff again! #### it)…

On a similar topic, I tried installing 4.1beta and was told I needed to .NET framework installed, however all my lastest 4.0 releases work fine (after I installed the first file that included the .NET framework). Have I not installed NET properly or is n-Track 4.1 not recognising it for some reason? At the moment I can’t install 4.1 coz I don’t want to DL .NET again (dial-up you see)…

Unfortunately, lemon, you need a newer version of the .NET framework than was required for 4.05. 4.05 required ver. 1.1 of the framework, which is a “stable” version, while 4.1 Beta requires ver., which is actually a Beta version itself (you can get it here).

As for the configuration message, it always made sense to me for some reason, but I guess a simpler way to word it would be:

A configuration file from a previous n-Track studio installation has been detected. Do you want to keep it?

By using “it”, it’s clear that the prompt is referring to the “previous” configuration file. Eh, just my 2 something or other… :)