Behringer B2031A monitors

I just got pair

I just got myslef a pair of behringer b2031a monitors, I tried them out breifely, sounds nice and flat. I haven’t recorded anything with them yet.

Just wondering if anyone owns a set or has used them before?

I have used them before. I found I had to roll off a bit of the high end on them.

Never used them, but congrats anyway! You’ll have to be the town expert on them now! :)

I’d be interested to see what you think of them as I have been thinking about getting a pair of them.

Don’t have much money to spend and they seem like pretty good value for money for someone with not much to spend.


I still haven’t used them for recording yet, probably not till next week when i get my ADAT sound card for my new computer i’m building.

Noticable Details Are:
1. Each monitor weighes a crap load, I’ve never had a good set of monitors so i don’t know if all studio monitors weighe this much…
2. There several switches in the back to componsate for you room size, and placement
3. It has an auto off switch so when used, it will turn off after 5 minutes of not using it.