Behringer GDI-21 review

Now with sample!

Behringer GDI-21 - AU $69.99

Pretty dang similar to the Sansamp GT2, especially the controls and switches…

Recorded at 24/44.1 using the mic pre input of a Hecules 16/12FW with a homemade guitar (1xgeneric HB, 1xdimarzio superdistortion, fixed bridge, strat shape).

Ins/out - Single guitar jack input, balanced XLR out, also single guitar jack out which can be used simulatainously.

Power - 9volt battery, easily accessed, also a 9v DC plug (adapter not included). Not phantom powerable like the Ultra-GI.

Metal case, black plastic knobs, very hard to see what they’re set at. Stomp switch could be a bit flimsy. XLR case mounted, 1/4inch appear to be surface mounted.

Four switches for Amp, Mod, Mic placement selection, each three way, and a two way Ground lift.

Lots of varied tones available. As usual with modelers, the dirty sounds seem to come out the best. Sweeping the treble and bass knobs covers a wide spectrum even on one set of switch settings.

The three amp settings cover Calif, Brit and Tweed style amps - read as Boogie, Marshall and Fender. The mod switches cover Clean (no modification presumably), High gain, and Hot, each bring more (or less) dirt to the party. The mic placement selects Classic (distant mic), center (close to the cone), and off axis (which is still centered).

I probably liked the Brit with Hi Gain the best, personally.

People have asked about the noise. It was a bit noisy when the drive was cranked up, but that could have been the monitor affecting the guitar as the noise was changing as I rotated the guitar away from the screen.

Harmony Central reviews have said that output through the XLR it’s a bit bright. I didn’t particulary find that. Didn’t try it into an amp though.

Clean sounds are hard to get imo. Always seems to be a bit of dirt involved. Bypassing the unit seems to be complete meanign that if you’re boosting the guitar with the level control, you could be too quiet without the dirt. Level turned nearly right off seems to be close to the bypassed level.

I think for recording it’s a great piece of equipment - sounds are varied, good and easy to get so for a quick demo or flash of inspiration it’s ideal. No effects but for the price who cares.

Have a listen - right click and save as:


Thanks Willy. Sounds great through my tiny little headphones at work. I’ll have a listen in the studio when I get home.

Another “toy” to add to the list".



Pretty dang similar to the Sansamp GT2, especially the controls and switches

I wonder this days which stuff from Behringer is not similar (if not exactly like) other brands stuff.

That’s the way Behringer works and always has. They do have a few interesting things that seem to be theirs only, but most of it is direct copies of other products.