Behringer Mixing Console

using with N, some hissing

Trying to do some multi-track recording with a buddy of mine through a Behringer UB 1002.

IDEALLY - I want to play bass and sing, my buddy he’ll play electric guitar (what a pedal board he’s got!), I’ll feed any drum and/or synthesizer tracks from my Zoom PS-02 (that I have recorded from midi files on the internet, or my own drum machine. will explain why I do this below, see ZOOM) into the mixing console, with a headphone/line out going to computer and recording on n-track (more of a live feel this way although every instrument is going direct to the console).

Q. I get a bit of hiss…just wondering anyone’s experience with Behringer mixing consoles, if it is the console at all. Any suggestions for settings/levels on the console, or recording set ups would be much appreciated too.

ZOOM - I am using downloaded internet midi files and playing them through Virtual sound track so that I can tweak them a bit with effects (chorus, delay, etc.) then recording them from line out of computer to zoom ps-02. I would normally drag and drop them into n-track but to turn these files into wav files, I have to fool my computer and do the old “hook-line-out-to-line-in” trick while playing for example a midi drum track that will then be recorded to wav. I get less static recording to zoom ps-02 than “tricking” the computer.


Well, you know about quality control probs with berry…you have checked the signal path to see if it is the mixer? Follow the manual instructions re: gain stages to get the best signal you can; I’m pretty sure they said something about setting the levels in it. :)

The small berry mixers seem to get very favourable reviews and I think are some of their better products. I have an 802 and it is pretty silent unless I wind the trims up beyond about 80%.