Behringer Q502 USB audio interface

Can’t hear track I am recording and play


I’m sure this must be something simple. I have the audio interface set up on the USB with ASIO drivers. With the ‘to phones’ switch off, I can hear my guitar and can record. However, I can’t hear any tracks I have already recorded, including metronome.

With the ‘to phones’ switch on, it’s the other way round. I can hear playback of other tracks but not my guitar, although the recording monitors are reacting as expected to the guitar.

I tried connecting a headphone output on the laptop to the 2-track phonos IN but I think that the headphone jack is isolated when the USB is connected

Any ideas?

is the green light on on the playback VU meter in Ntrack?

dontcare :cool:

Yes it is, along with the recording VU from the guitar


use the “to Phones” setting.

this will allow you to hear the pre-recorded tracks,

create a blank audio track, assign an input (click don’t record) pick the Behringer Q502 USB from the menu (also make sure Monitor live input is checked).

click monitoring live input button on the track (little right facing arrow on the track side panel) it should light green to the left the red dot.

Begin recording, you should hear both the recorded tracks and the instrument you are playing though the Mixer.
If you get any pops or cracks go to the Settings drop down menu, chose Buffer Settings and set it to Fast Response (both playback and Record Buffers).

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Thanks very much Dontcare

After a while of playing around with your suggest and getting around a few differences (not sure that I have the monitoring live input little arrow in version 6), I got it working.

I did as you suggest - add a blank track, don’t record, tick the monitor live input from the drop-down menu on the don’t record red / white radio. I initially head both intrument in the record vus and playback vus were reacting, but when I tried to record I got an error saying that there wasn’t a soundcard selected for input. Much confused by this I went off on a crusade to sort out the soundcard setting and eventually came back to N. I clicked the little white radio button in the recording vus and saw that recording would go to track 3 (the monitoring blank I inserted), so I set it to record to a new track. FIXED :laugh:


glad to hear you got it sorted.

those directions were from a video I found on the net, so I might have missed a step or two, but it got you in the right area so that’s a plus :agree:

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