Bell Sound while recording :-(( - App is properly activtated - what is that!? :-((

I had to install n-track new, because it always freezed and had problems :frowning:
Now when I record I every once in a while I hear weird songs, bells ringing, sudden sounds, as if voluntarily to disturb a proper recording in trial versions?

Has someone an idea what that is and to do? When I go to “activate” it says, software is activated. It is the latest version and I have win 10 home 64

before everything fine regarding that. I am a new member since a few days only

Frustrating cause I am in a kind of hurry, gotta work

I add a screenshot which shows in german, that it is “activated”

I have no idea :-((

There are no nagging sounds in the trial version of n-Track 9 and there obviously aren’t when the app is activated. Make sure you are not using any 3rd party plugin that may be adding sounds.
Maybe you could post a sample of the sound you’re hearing so that we could understand better what it is.